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Scenic Drive plant exhibits have always been maintained by volunteers

Scenic Drive plant exhibits have always been maintained by volunteers

The Scenic Drive section of The Peak’s website provides information about the past, present and future of Scottsdale’s Scenic Drive. This table of contents is provided to assist readers in exploring the information about the Scenic Drive.

Think of the information as being organized like a book; a book with seven chapters: 1. The Scenic Drive Home Page, 2. About Scenic Drive, 3. Enjoy Scenic Drive, 4. A Part of Our Heritage, 5. Read Scenic Drive Articles, 6. Review GPPA – Scenic Drive Events, and 7. Review Scenic Drive the Future. By clicking on “SELECT” below, you can read that part of the “book.”


#1.  Scenic Drive Home Page
              Welcome to the Desert Foothills Scenic Drive   SELECT

#2.  About Scenic Drive
             Brief introduction to location, motivation for creating, and major features.  SELECT

 #3. Enjoy Scenic Drive
             Provides introduction and links to the topic pages below.  SELECT



Desert Foothills Scenic Drive Entry Sign. (Courtesy of Cindy Lee.)

Desert Foothills Scenic Drive Entry Sign. (Courtesy of Cindy Lee.)

#3-1. Review Sonoran Desert Information and Photos
                           Provides introduction and links for pages listed below.  SELECT

                     #A.  Learn About Geography, Climate, Life Zones  (Scenic Drive Geography, Climate, Life   Zones)  SELECT

                     #B. Review Plant Guide  (Scenic Drive Plant Guide)  SELECT

                     #C. Review Critter Guide  (Scenic Drive Critter Guide)  SELECT

                     #D.  Scenic Skies    (Scenic Drive: Scenic Skies)  SELECT

                     #E. View Spring Flowers   (Scenic Drive: Sonoran Flowers in Bloom, 2001)  SELECT

                     #F. See List of Websites    (Scenic Drive: Informative Websites)  SELECT


        #3-2.     Review Events & Venues
                          Peak articles for upcoming events in Scottsdale and neighboring communities.  SELECT


        #3-3.     Review List of Attractions and Shopping   (Scenic Drive: Attractions and Shopping)
                          Along or near the Scenic Drive with links to websites for more information.  SELECT


        # 3-4.    Review Neighborhoods and More                        (Scenic Drive: Neighborhoods, Churches, Schools)
Neighborhoods, HOAs, schools, churches, with website links for information.  SELECT

This drive entry sign, installed in 1964, was located just north of the power line corridor on Scottsdale Road, south of Jomax.

This drive entry sign, installed in 1964, was located just north of the power line corridor on Scottsdale Road, south of Jomax.

#4.  A Part of Our Heritage
Historical information with descriptions, documents, a timeline, photos, links to topics below   SELECT


        #4-1. Read About History, View Old Photos                     (Scenic Drive: History)
Historical details with links to the topical areas below.  SELECT

                #A. Review Black Mountain News Articles (Scenic Drive: Black Mountain News)   SELECT

                #B. Early History Cave Creek Improvement Assoc(Scenic Drive: Early History)   SELECT

                #C. Diagram of Plant Sites  (Scenic Drive: Diagram of Plant Sites)   SELECT

                #D. Historic Photos   (Scenic Drive: Historic Photographs)   SELECT

                #E. Maricopa County Planning Report   SELECT

                #F. Background Information, Jo Walker Report, 1987   SELECT

               #G. Paving the Way to Ruin  (Scenic Drive: 1995 Newspaper Article Summaries)  SELECT

               #H. View 1995 Photos  of Plant Identification Signs and Scottsdale Road   (1995 Photos of Restored Plant Exhibits and Vicinity)  SELECT


         #4-2. Review Heritage Timeline
Lists events in chronological order with links to documents indicated below.  SELECT.

                  #A Black Mountain News Articles, 1963-4  (Scenic Drive: Black Mountain News)  SELECT

                  #B Scenic Corridor Report, Jo Walker, 1990  SELECT

                 #C. Discovering Scenic Drive Article    SELECT

                 #D. Newspaper Article Summaries, 1996   (Scenic Drive: 1996 Newspaper Article Summaries)   SELECT

                 #E. FOSD IRS Application, 1997  (Scenic Drive: IRS Application, 1997)   SELECT

                  #F. Newspaper Article Summaries, 1997  (Scenic Drive: Newspaper Article Summaries, 1997)  SELECT

                #G. Scottsdale Places Award   (Scenic Drive: Scottsdale Places Award)  SELECT

#H. Governor’s AZ Pride Award (Scenic Drive: Governor’s Pride in Arizona Award)  SELECT


       #4-3. Review 50 Years (Almost) Down the Road, May 2012   (50 Years (Almost Down the Road)
Written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Scenic Drive.  SELECT


       #4-4. Review Archives  (Scenic Drive Archives)
ummaries of newspaper articles (1995-1997), reports, and other documents   SELECT


#5. Read Scenic Drive Articles
A Peek at the Peak articles about the Scenic Drive.  SELECT

#6. Review GPPA – Scenic Drive Events
A Peek at the Peak articles about GPPA and Friends of the Scenic Drive events.   SELECT

#7. Review Scenic Drive – The Future        (Scenic Drive: The Future)
Information about the Memory Park that has been proposed by GPPA.   SELECT



Friends of the Scenic Drive Sign

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