Photos: Hummer Fights Feather

April 27, 2017

By Tom Mangelsdorf


Did you ever get ready to go out, and then notice a pesky piece of lint on your clothes? Try as you might it’s sometimes difficult to grab and remove it.

This Anna’s Hummingbird recently had a similar problem with its wardrobe.


The Problem Feather

The Problem Feather


First Attempt to Dislodge It




Get Off of Me!

Get Off of Me!



There I finally go it. I feel better now.

There I finally go it. I feel better now.

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Author: Tom Mangelsdorf

Tom Mangelsdorf is a long-time resident of north Scottsdale. Tom is a frequent contributor to A Peek at the Peak. Tom is usually among the winners of The Peak's annual Summer Fun Photography Contest.

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