Photos of Arizona’s State Bird, the Cactus Wren

October 29, 2017

By Tom Mangelsdorf

Well, autumn is here with winter soon to follow. It’s a great time to get outside with your camera and see what kind of wildlife you can photograph. One of my favorite birds is the Cactus Wren. There are plenty of them to see this time of year…all it takes is patience, a camera and a good lens. Did I mention patience?

Although plentiful, Cactus Wrens are wonderfully camouflaged for their desert environment. Look for them (and their nests) in Cholla or staghorn cacti. They’re quick and skittish when they see anything that is not native to their environment (like humans). With a little luck you can spot them and hopefully capture some great pictures.

Here are a few of my recent photographs of these birds which also happen to be Arizona’s official state bird. For more information on Arizona’s favorite bird, go to Wikipedia at:


Cactus Wren

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Author: Tom Mangelsdorf

Tom Mangelsdorf is a long-time resident of north Scottsdale. Tom is a frequent contributor to A Peek at the Peak. Tom is usually among the winners of The Peak's annual Summer Fun Photography Contest.

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