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October 16, 2017

The Peak has been continuously published since 1983. It is supported by amateur and professional writers and organizations that contribute articles, newsletters, announcements and videos on a regular basis. It’s important for all editorial contributors to remember that when articles are published they are available to readers everywhere, including GPPA-Friends of the Scenic Drive members, donors and advertisers. The quality of articles published in The Peak is very important!  Before you start writing your first submission, review other articles in The Peak for their readability, quality and general organization.

We welcome new editorial contributors. The guidelines listed below are designed to make it easier for new contributors to participate. When reviewing an article that you have written, ask the following questions. We will ask the same questions, and please understand, if we think the answer is negative, we will  not publish the piece.

1. Is the content relevant to GPPA’s mission? Take a minute and review this site’s About Us  page for a description of our community goals and activities.

2.  Is the article less than 1,500 words in length? In general, shorter articles, about 700 words in length,, are preferred by online readers. Writers may include several photographs or graphics (jpg files) with their article. If you have a long article, consider breaking it into installments or contact us.

3. Is the article ready for publication? Has the text been proof read several times? Is it similar in quality, writing style and punctuation  to other articles in The Peak. We do not do extensive exiting of submitted content. We depend upon our authors to provide quality and accurate content. A style guide is a very helpful reference tool for any writer. We recommend The New York Times Manual for Style and Usage or The Associated Press Style Book.

5. Does the article include content that is not in accordance with our Comment Policy? Review the policy, it provides a brief list  of things  you should not have in an article, such as foul language and libelous statements.

6. Are sources cited? When you use more than a few words from another article or post, credit the source where the quote came from. Cite the original author’s name, the name of the website or blog where the content was originally used, and include a link back to that source.

7. Could the article cause negative repercussions? Pause and think before you submit your writing. Could what you are about to submit be considered as slander by somebody? Could it cause hurt and result in legal problems or do harm to your, our, or the our community’s reputation.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit the final text as a MS Word .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT file or PDF.  Photographs and graphics should be sent separately as .jpg files.  If an individual file exceeds 3 megabytes, send it separately. We will format the article and size photographs, etc. as required by our development platform.  Most writers submit their files via email.

Thank you, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.



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