“The Western Lifestyle” by Barb Owings, Write Stuff Winner

Winner, What’s Worth Preserving Category
2017 Summer Fun Write Stuff Contest

The Western Lifestyle
By Barb Owings

August 27, 2017

"Five Bright Horses" by Terry Meyer

“Five Bright Horses” by Terry Meyer


I thought about it long and hard
Every day while sitting in my yard
What, I thought, was most worthwhile
That I should mentally file

Through life so many things come and go
To make me happy and sometimes low

But it didn’t take too long to decide
And it happened when I went out for a ride
On a horse full of energy and vim
I was lucky to own and took pride in him

Made me think of the West
Where life is the best

Scenery is great, weather is fine
And for city life I no longer pine
Being out in the open, desert scents all around
Was the good life I wanted and had at last found

The sun was shining, wildlife everywhere
No city noises and nary a care

People smiling and waving, wishing me a good ride
Feeling the Western spirit with a smile that was wide
This way of life is honest and true
And all that it offers never makes me feel blue

Those who had come before me in the Western way of life
Possessed special qualities to deal with any strife

They had appreciation of nature, grit and honesty too
The grit was unyielding courage enjoyed by more than a few
This Western way of life was neighbor helping neighbor
No matter what the labor

*For all of these perks noted
Many others, when asked, would have voted

You don’t need a horse to enjoy this Lifestyle
Nor in my shoes do you need to walk a mile
For the simple things in life are free Available to you and me


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