Voice of Scottsdale, June 16: DDC, One Issue Candidates, Facts Soon

June 16, 2017

One of the leaders of the opposition to Scottsdale’s Desert Discovery Center might be running for the Scottsdale City Council. Which one? Is a single issue candidate electable?

In about 1 1/2 months, the proposed design of the Desert Discovery Design will be presented. That means we will have facts, figures, illustrations, and plans to look at an discuss. How that influence the political calculus?

Click below to read this interesting edition of the Voice of Scottsdale Newsletter.


 Voice of Scottsdale Newsletter  (PDF)

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  1. I thought the VOS article was petty and snarky, It is the language that makes personal attacks to avoid the real issue. It does not matter what the final DDC plan looks like – they could put it underground, but still have to destroy an acre or more of the Preserve “land in its natural state” to construct and then there is the parking lot to accomodate tour buses. Any construction of one acre or more on the land we are paying to Preserve violates the City Charter.
    The City Council, including the City Attorney, the City’s outside Attorney and all of the DDCS representatives refuse to address the issue of the Charter prohibition.
    If they proceed in violation of the Charter then, whether they ‘allow’ us a vote on their first plan or not will be irrelevant – the Council can then continue to build/add anything.
    The City Council must answer two questions:
    1. Why is this not a violation of the City Charter: and
    2. What is the status of the Jeep Tours RFQ & Permits that DDCS requested & received in October 2015?

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