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February 5, 2018

By Les Conklin
President, Greater Pinnacle Peak Association (GPPA)

Diana and David Smith Support Scenic Drive Cleanup

As most readers know, GPPA is a 501 c (3) and it is against the law for us to support any particular political candidate or party. However, when somebody helps us with a roadside litter pickup and then writes about it, we’re happy to share their article. Click on the link below to read David Smith’s article about our January 27th Scottsdale Scenic Drive roadside cleanup.

Councilman David Smith’s Newsletter

Scottsdale Neighborhood College Classes

Bruce Wall is the Adopt-A-Road / Scottsdale Clean & Scenic Program Coordinator for the City of Scottsdale. Yesterday, I received the following email from him.


Thanks for the sign-in sheets from the last cleanup. I looked at your website and was impressed (as always) with all the articles. I wanted you to be aware of two classes that I teach for the Scottsdale Neighborhood College program. If they may be of interest to your readers, I would appreciate if you would share.

From Scott to Drinkwater: The History of Scottsdale
Wednesday, Mar 14, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N 90th St

Who was the first resident of Scottsdale? What convenience of modern life was invented by Scottsdale employees? Learn how Scottsdale developed from a small town to the innovative city of today. Seating is limited.

Scoundrels, Rascals & Cutthroats – and the Scottsdale Lawmen who Caught Them
Class 1: Tuesday, Feb 20, 1-2:00 p.m.
Class 2: Thursday Feb 22, 6-7:00 p.m.
Class 3: Monday, Feb 26, 6-7:00 p.m.
Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N 90th St

Note: Same class offered three times – no need to register for more than one class. Learn about some of the most “nefarious” people in Scottsdale’s history and the Scottsdale lawmen who tracked them down (or not). The stories include a murderous mailman, a cruel chauffeur, and a murder mystery with three possible endings! You’ll be intrigued and will learn a lot about Scottsdale!

Free admission! Scottsdale Neighborhood College MORE INFORMATION and to REGISTER.

The classes have been very well received with great evaluations. In the fall, we offered “From Scott to Drinkwater” twice and a combined 250 attended. The first “From Scott to Drinkwater” class in January had 61 people. The March class has 76 registered so far.

The “Scoundrels” class is new, but those who saw the first class are registering for it as well. We have a room capacity for this class of 140 people and we have so far 131 registered for the class on Feb 20, 75 for the class on Feb 22 and 60 for the class on Feb 26th. When the room capacity is met, the registration will be closed for that class. If people are interested, they should register soon!


Bruce, Thank you. I have posted the classes in The Peak‘s Community Events Calendar. If residents are interested in their city, the Scottsdale Neighborhood College is a great place to start learning about what makes it tick.

Roadside Cleanup Sign-in

GPPA & Scottsdale’s Adopt-A-Road Program

.A few days ago, we also received information from Bruce about the next city-wide Adopt-A-Road cleanup, which GPPA-Friends of the Scenic Drive will support. If your group is looking for a convenient and practical way to help the environment and provide a valuable and visible community service, we urge you to contact Bruce Wall for more information.

April 21, 2018 City-Wide Cleanup Information

The Greater Pinnacle Peak Association and its Friends of the Scenic Drive corps of volunteers were two of the first organizations to sign-up when the program was formalized back the mid-1990s. Actually, GPPA was conducting roadside cleanups on Pinnacle Peak and Pima Road before the Adopt-A-Road program rolled out and the same can be said for Friends of the Scenic Drive, which still is responsible for the northern-most 6 ½ miles of North Scottsdale Road. Bruce Wall can be contacted at Phone: (480) 312-7898, Fax: (480) 312-2888, Email:

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Author: Les Conklin

Les Conklin is the editor of A Peek at the Peak publications and the author of Images of America: Pinnacle Peak. He is the president of the Greater Pinnacle Peak Association and the Monte de Paz HOA. He founded Friends of the Scenic Drive and has served on the Scottsdale Pride Commission, McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission, and on the boards of several local nonprofits. Les is a resident of north Scottsdale and a member of Scottsdale's History Maker Hall of Fame. Les is a volunteer school tour guide at the Musical Instrument Museum.

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