Scottsdale’s “Amazing” Arabian Horse Show, Feb. 2 – 25

February 4, 2018

In the article below, A Peek at The Peak volunteer and equestrian champion Nicole Larson describes why she is looking forward to Scottsdale’s Arabian Horse Show. Nikki, Thank you for the article and for supporting our social media efforts for the last three years. To learn more about Nicole’s equestrian accomplishments, see “Related Articles & Websites” at the bottom of this article. Editor


Nicole Larson, 2017 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Photo courtesy of Osteen/Shatzberg Photography.

Scottsdale’s “Amazing” Arabian Horse Show

By Nicole Larson

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is one of the most amazing events that I’ve ever been to or been part of. This year’s 63rd annual show is packed with fun-filled activities for any age. The show begins in a few weeks and runs from February 15th through the 25th.

I’ve been competing at the show since I was eight. I’m now a senior in high school. The show got me hooked on Arabians and I’ll continue to own and show the breed for as long as I can. The spirit and character of the Arabian horse are unlike the spirit and character of any other horse! This show lets you get up close and personal with these magical animals and witness just how special they are.

Not to be Missed

It’s a must-see event, featuring many different disciplines ranging from reining, hunter, western, English, country pleasure, jumping, mounted native costume, cow horse classes, and many more. It’s been fun for me. I’ve competed in 10 different disciplines in the nine years that I’ve been part of the show. I’ve been lucky enough to win about 15 championship titles. (Ed. Nicole, We know it’s not all luck.)

The show is called “The greatest horse show on earth” for a good reason. It is the largest equine event of its kind in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators. There are gala parties, educational seminars, international cuisine court and more than 300 vendor booths. Anyone who comes and experiences the show will surely be impressed and enjoy themselves.

My Favorite: Half-Arabian & Arabian Reining Futurities

I must confess that nothing beats competing and winning championships in the Half-Arabian Reining Maturity class with my beloved horse Noble Hunter. But if I wasn’t riding, my hands-down choice would be watching the Half-Arabian and Arabian Reining Futurities.

Courtesy Osteen/Shatzberg Photography.

This class is really exciting, featuring young reining stars with more than 1.7 million dollars already paid out. The Arabian horses in these classes are extremely talented 4 and 5-year-olds. For me, watching world renown trainers compete for the championship and payout is an experience not to be missed! In addition to the payout in the futurity, there are other money prizes, saddles, buckles, and more. This discipline is the fastest growing in the industry. These horses are incredible athletes and the discipline is attracting many newcomers who want to sense the adrenaline rush and get the payouts.

If you’re looking to become a part of something in this breed, when you come to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show visit the Wells Fargo arena, Arena #5 and get a taste of what reining is all about.

I currently own an up-and-coming Half-Arabian Reiner that will compete in these futurities in 2020. I’ve watched my young horse grow up. Win or lose, I can’t wait to watch my horse compete!

In addition to reining division, there are many other classes that have large payouts. You’ll find information in the show’s program.

2,500 Horses, $2,000,000 in Prizes

Courtesy National Horseman Arabian Magazine by Ashly Gallun

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show total prize money is over 2 million dollars. These payouts will attract an estimated 2,500 horses from around the country and world. Money prizes make the classes intense and fast-paced. It’s fun to watch everyone put on their best show, hoping to win. Last year at one of the gala parties, the Marquise Arabian Horse Auction, a young filly sold for 1.6 million dollars, with an opening bid of $100,000.

This show is for everyone. It has a variety of events and activities to interest spectators. It’s breathtaking and may steal your heart! Come and be a part of the greatest horse show on earth. You might decide that you want to make Arabian horses part of your life.


What I’ve Learned

These horses have taught me important lessons, some of which I could not have learned by just going to school. I have learned patience, passion, dedication and love from these incredible animals. They have guided me through many hard times and taught me the importance of perseverance.
Say “Hello” at the show!

Courtesy National Horseman Arabian Magazine by Cari Gifford

Even if you just attend the show at WestWorld and support your favorite breed of horse, you will not regret introducing these horses to your family and letting them become part of your life. I hope to see you there. I’ll be happy to introduce you to my horses. We’ll be competing the entire two weeks. For additional information, visit


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