Riding for the Devil’s Brand

Peak cover 2006

The cover of the December 2006 issue of The Peak was designed by the late Tony Nelssen and featured Frank Biondo’s photograph, “Call it a Day,”

This November I’m giving thanks to the talented writers and photographers who have donated and continue to donate their time and talents to The Peak magazine. This article recognizes the “work” of  three of the all-time best, Cave Creek poet J. Douglas Hinds and north Scottsdale photographers/graphic designers Frank Biondo and the late Tony Nelssen. Editor

Riding the Devil’s Brand

By J. Douglas Hinds

That poor ole cowboy made one mistake
When on that day he chose to take
Two fat ole cows and a brand new calf
He pushed them west while moving fast
On out of sight and down the hill
He drove them hard against their will
His one desire was to sell the lot
And ride out of town with the loot he got
One thing for sure he’d not counted on
The rancher knew the cows were gone
They tracked him down against his hope
And someone said let’s get a rope
They strung him up from a cottonwood tree
And left him hangin’ for others to see
And on that day he met his fate
He’ll never see those pearly gates
He’s down below with a stolen herd
He’s ridin’ fast without a word
Their hides are singed, their brands on fire
Their thundering hooves at his desire
An endless stampede on molten sand
He’s ridin’ hard for the devil’s brand

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Author: John Hinds

John Douglas Hinds, who was raised on a ranch, is the retired senior partner with J.D. Hinds Professional Painting LLC. As a licensed residential and commercial painting contractor, he has painted “thousands of homes and businesses” in the Valley over the past 33 years. Hinds is a resident of Cave Creek and a frequent contributor to The Peak.

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