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 An All Star for 8 Consecutive Years

GPPA began distributing this e-newsletter in 2007.  It keeps subscribers  up-to-date with information about community events, including shows, art exhibits, hikes, etc. It provides interesting articles, information about upcoming Peak editorial/advertising deadlines, and special offers from local merchants. You’ll also get breaking news and information about upcoming meetings/events related to our nonprofit mission.

In early 2015, GPPA was named as a Constant Contact Email Marketing All Star for 2014. Constant Contact’s award notification states,

     “Your efforts last year to reach your customers and engage with them were exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively. And we certainly noticed. That’s why we’re so proud to name you to our 2014 All Stars. “

     “This status is an annual designation that only 10% of our customers achieve for their use of Constant Contact Products. The standards for becoming an All Star this year were tougher than ever, and that you managed to do it for consecutive years is quite an accomplishment.”