Photos: The Great Horned Owls Behind Our Scottsdale Home

owl3_pastore.jwhat is up800 January 2017

By Bob & Roxie Pastore

To The Peak,


We live in north Scottsdale near Happy Valley Road. We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood. There are no homes behind ours.  There is an  outcropping of rocks that gives these owls a place that is secluded and mostly safe. We have lived here for nine years. These owls  return every year.

The male and female owls start nesting in February. The male is ever-present while the female stays with her eggs. The babies are noticeable by the first week in April. By June the babies are fully grown and able to survive on their own.

These owls don’t always have four young or are not able to protect them. Last spring was the second time the owls had four babies.  Baby owls are very vulnerable to birds of pray, which are the biggest obstacle to their survival.

We hope The Peak’s readers enjoy these photographs.

Bob & Roxie Pastore




owl3_pastore.jwhat is up


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  1. Hi Bob & Roxie…

    I’m envious!

    These are some great photographs of a Great Horned Owl family. What a joy to have this family take up residence and raise their young in your back yard.

    Tom Mangelsdorf

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