Nicole Larson: Winning at Arabian Youth Nationals “Too Surreal”

Nikki and Red - Sure Fire Redemption - at Nationals

Nikki and Red – Sure Fire Redemption – at Nationals

By Nicole Larson

Arabian Youth Nationals for me was more than successful, I top ten’d in five out of my six classes and rose in two of them to National championship. One of the classes had sixty-four competitive horses in it. I left Nationals the happiest I’ve ever left, and cannot describe the feeling of winning nationals except I can tell you it’s too surreal.

Not only was competing fun, but I got to spend ten days with my close friends from all over the country and make tons of new friends! We watched classes, took photos, and my favorite night is always having the water ballon fights! I showed three horses: Noble Hunter, Sure Fire Redemption and Slik. I won on both Sure Fire Redemption, whom I call Red, and won on Slik in freestyle reining. I top ten’d on Noble Hunter in all of his classes, he was spectacular.  He had been off from an injury so I cannot describe the love and thrill I felt when he trotted into the Tingley area for his classes.

Sure Fire Redemption and I have a little bit of a story behind our win, He’s my one eyed wonder… so yes, he has one eye. I’ve only known one other horse to have one eye and they don’t compete to the level of hard national level competition as Red and I did. He’s extremely talented, one eye and all! Many people discouraged him and we proved them wrong, which is the best reward I’ve ever received in this industry. I feel like this really relates well with my favorite quote “Be careful how you treat those who you perceive to be below you. The universe has a way of favoriting the underdog.” Arabian horses have a heart so strong they love their owners and are always playful, loving and will work hard to please their owners. I am blessed that my parents support my hobby and have shown me how incredible these noble creatures are and what you can do if you set your mind and heart to it.

Noble Hunter and Nikki Larson at Nationals

Noble Hunter and Nikki Larson at Nationals

Nikki Larson, Freestyle Reining Event

Nikki Larson, Freestyle Reining Event

Nicole, “Nikki,” Larson  is a Scottsdale resident and a student at Cactus Shadows High School. She also a Peak volunteers, helping with our social media outreach. Congratulations Nikki, quite an accomplishment.

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