Mystery Spraying Over Phoenix

By Gary Zalimeni

January 6, 2017

Conspiracy of Silence?

My last article in The Peak, “One Mile From Home,” drew a huge response from environmentally concerned residents all over the valley.

This is a plastic water dish that we have in our yard. I clean and bleach it about every 2-3 three weeks. What you see is a build up of toxic substances. What you see is not algae.

This is a plastic water dish that we have in our yard. I clean and bleach it about every 2-3 three weeks. What you see is a build up of toxic substances. What you see is not algae.

My past experience has taught me to ignore adversity, indifference and lazy, incompetent government bureaucrats and pursue the truth. So let’s start with some very troubling facts followed by important questions:


  1. Just recently my outdoor bird water dish is coated with an unusual reddish/copper substance after 11 years of regular cleaning and usage. (See Photo)
  2. Several of my old growth yard plants and trees are burnt on top and dying. (See Photo)
  3. There are unusual large grey puddle residue spots all over my patio, grey soot all over my car and grey window spots on the windows of my home, unlike anything I have ever seen before. (See Photo)
  4. There is a huge increase of respiratory complaints at pharmacies and hospitals?
  5. High altitude jet tankers are spraying substances over the entire Phoenix metro area occurring on a daily basis since November 8, 2016.
  6. The spraying creates long horizontal clouds stretching across the sky which eventually combine, spread out and fall earthward to create a milky haze permeating the entire city and outlying areas.

I have noticed that many plants in my yard have been badly burned on their top branches, including my two queen palms.


  1. What is the composition of the substance/s on my patio, car, home windows or in the bottom of the wild bird dish and is this substance responsible for killing my plants and trees?
  2. Why has there been a sudden huge spike in respiratory problems?
  3. What are the chemical compounds being sprayed over Phoenix and are they toxic, what effects are they having on humans, wildlife and the environment?
  4. Who are the commercial companies doing the high altitude spraying and is the U.S. Air Force involved?
  5. What is the purpose of the chemical spraying over such a highly populated metro area?

Difficulty Getting Assistance

Since the spraying began, I have contacted the following government officials and departments for their help with the

This is my patio floor with an unusual grey water residue spots. You can see where paint is bubbling up.

hope that tests would be conducted on the substances in question.

  • ASU Horticulture Dept.
  • AZ House Rep. Noel Campbell
  • Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • Board Supervisor Steve Chucri
  • Carefree Mayor Les Peterson
  • FAA
  • Gov. Doug Ducey
  • Luke Air Force Base
  • Maricopa County Air Quality Dept.
  • Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
  • Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton
  • Scottsdale Mayor W.J. Lane
  • Scottsdale Vice Mayor Kathy Littlefield
  • State Senator Karen Fann
  • U.S. Air Force General M. Palikowski

Not one of the above listed were willing to help me or answer my questions.

This is how spraying looks as it is happening or immediately afterwards. Pictured are what are known as “chemtrails.”

The following did not even bother to respond at all:

  • Air Force Gen. Palikowski,
  • AZ House Rep. Noel Campbell
  • AZ State Senator Karen Fann
  • Mayor Stanton of Phoenix
  • Maricopa County Air Quality Dept.
  • Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Why the lack of assistance?

 This matter concerns the health and welfare of every resident in the Phoenix metro area including the millions of winter visitors. Why is it that not one of those I contacted were willing to discuss this issues even after repeated attempts to contact them?  What is it they know that we don’t know?  Collectively, have they been given a directive not to talk about the spraying?

If this spraying is so harmless why then is no one willing to come forward and answer these questions? Why the refusal to do testing?

Look Skyward

For the next week I challenge you during your daily routine to look skyward and make note of the high altitude spraying. Observe how this material, as it spreads across the sky, creates cloud-like formations. Also be watchful of the milky haze which develops and hangs over the city towards day end?  Are your yard plants dying? Are you personally experiencing adverse health symptoms? Let me know.

If you have any helpful information you can contact me, Gary J. Zalimeni, at

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Author: Gary Zalimeni

Gary Zalimeni is a resident of north Scottsdale and a former resident of Ashtabula, Ohio. Zalimeni is the recipient of two Grammy nominations for a song that he wrote and that was recorded by Ronny Gee. After an enjoyable career in music, writing, and real estate, he enjoys writing and the fine arts.

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  1. In addition to your observations, I’ve also noticed that car paint seems to be eroding in Arizona – an usual occurrence years past. I am sure the governor is aware of what is being sprayed. Why the secrecy is what is concerning.

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