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City of Scottsdale City Hall

The Peak magazine covers government plans and activities in Scottsdale, AZ. Founded in the Pinnacle Peak area of north Scottsdale in 1983, The Peak focuses on subjects that relate to Scottsdale government and The Peak’s mission of helping to preserve and protect the quality of life and environment in the north Scottsdale Sonoran Desert, including Scottsdale’s Scenic Drive.


The Greater Pinnacle Peak Association (GPPA), which publishes The Peak, advocates for community service and members of its board have served on numerous  City of Scottsdale boards and commissions. Three past presidents of GPPA have been inducted into Scottsdale’s Hall of Fame and three past board members have served on the city council.


A nonprofit publication, The Peak is supported by individuals, businesses, and organizations that sponsor advertisements or articles to publicize their events and activities.

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Viewing Information about Scottsdale Government

The Government category includes articles and reader comments about City of Scottsdale:

  • Planning and Zoning Policies and Issues
  • City Council and Bond Elections
  • City Council, Commission, Committee, and Public Meetings
  • Preservation Efforts
  • Scenic Drive and Scenic Corridors
  • Government History

As an example, in this issue of The Peak, you will find articles about these topics.

  • Scottsdale’s General Plan
  • Scottsdale’s Character Area Plans
  • GPPA’s Opposition to State of Arizona’s Proposal to Rezone Scenic Drive Parcels
  • And, More
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Viewing City of Scottsdale E-Newsletters & Announcements

The Newsletter and Announcements category of the magazine includes the article “Newsletter Nook” and additional articles that are press releases and other announcements from the City of Scottsdale, magazine sponsors, and organizations that GPPA supports.

“Newsletter Nook” is a monthly list of electronic newsletters that can be read in The Peak. There is a brief description of each newsletter. By clicking on the associated link, you can review the newsletter.

A few example, in the current issue of The Peak you will find these City of Scottsdale newsletters.

  • City of Scottsdale Economic Development Newsletter
  • Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Newsletter
  • And, many more.
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Viewing Information About Friends of the Scenic Drive Adopt-a-Road Cleanups & Other GPPA Activities

The Peak‘s GPPA-Scenic Drive Events category includes articles about events and activities related to Scottsdale’s Scenic Drive and the Greater Pinnacle Peak Association (GPPA). You will also find articles related to our organization’s ongoing activities.

As examples, in the current issue you will find articles about:

  • GPPA’s “Save the Scenic Drive” Petition Campaign
  • Litter Cleanup Schedule for Scottsdale’s Scenic Drive
  • And more.
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How You Can Advertise

Gain valuable exposure for your upcoming event and support a good cause by publishing an advertorial or advertisement in The Peak. Advertising is affordable, simple, and fast.

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City of Scottsdale Mayor & City Council, Visit Website

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State of Arizona, Visit Website

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