"Special Evening" by Howard Myers

“Special Evening” by Howard Myers

The Peak magazine covers the Scottsdale, AZ community and the neighboring communities of Cave Creek, Carefree, northeast Phoenix, and Rio Verde. It was founded in the Pinnacle Peak area of north Scottsdale in 1983.


The Peak’s mission is to support the preservation and protection of quality of life and the natural environment in the north Scottsdale Sonoran Desert.


A nonprofit publication, The Peak is supported by individuals, businesses, and organizations that sponsor advertisements or articles to publicize their events and activities.


The Peak informs readers and supports the local community by publishing articles about the arts, education, health & fitness, history, personalities, nonprofit organizations, businesses, pets, and hobbies. The magazine provides a platform for local writers, photographers, and videographers to showcase their work.


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Viewing Feature & VIP Feature Articles

Every issue of The Peak showcases selected articles on its home page. Featured articles can be about the community, environment, government, the Scenic Drive, or an event. Articles published in the Features and More Features categories are selected by the editor. Advertorials (articles) published in the VIP Features category are sponsored, paid for, by individuals, organizations, and businesses as a way of contributing to GPPA and The Peak. They also gain exposure for their causes, interests, or activities.

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Viewing Community Articles

The Peak serves a vibrant, naturally beautiful, and rapidly developing part of the West. As a result, articles in The Peak‘s Community category cover diverse subjects, such as art, photography, theater, hiking and equestrian activities, pets, health and fitness, education, and local characters. Most of the articles are contributed by residents and local organizations and they include humorous stories, more serious articles, and poetry.


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Viewing Community Photos and Videos

Every issue of The Peak includes fresh photographs and videos that readers can enjoy along with those published in past issues. Photographs include images of our local landscapes, plants, animals, and local activities. A variety of videos include “Ted Talks,” videos, “Save the Scenic Drive” videos, and YouTube videos contributed by supporting bloggers.


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Viewing Oldies by Goodies

There is treasure hidden in every issue of The Peak magazine. The treasure is collection of articles in the Oldies but Goodies category. The first issue of The Peak was published in 1983 and past editions provide fascinating articles about our community’s history. Here are a few of the articles that you will find in the Oldies but Goodies category.

  • “Just Talkin’ to my Horse”
  • “Reminiscing: The Character on the Corner”
  • “The Protected Pinnacle Peak and More”
  • And, others.


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Viewing Community Events

The Events & Venues category includes a “Community Events Calendar” article that lists upcoming events by month and day. Each listing includes a brief description of the event with contact information and website link (s) when appropriate. The calendar also lists popular local venues and attractions with a brief description and appropriate contact information. The Events & Venues category also includes articles about upcoming events and popular events.

As an example, in this issue of The Peak, you will find information about the following events and venues.

  • Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series
  • MIM Fest
  • Desert Foothills Theater
  • WestWorld
  • And, much more.


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Viewing E-Newsletters & Announcements

The Newsletter and Announcements category of the magazine includes the article a”Newsletter Nook” and additional articles that are press releases and other announcements from the City of Scottsdale, magazine sponsors, and organizations that GPPA supports.

“Newsletter Nook” is a monthly list of electronic newsletters that can be read in The Peak. There is a brief description of each newsletter. By clicking on the associated link, you can review the newsletter.

A few example, in the current issue of The Peak you will find these newsletters and announcements.

  • Summit Diner Newsletter
  • City of Scottsdale Economic Development Newsletter
  • Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Newsletter
  • And, many more.for articles and “Newsletter Nook” articlefor article that identifies and provides links to electronic newsletters
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How You Can Advertise

Gain valuable exposure for your upcoming event and support a good cause by publishing an advertorial or advertisement in The Peak. Advertising is affordable, easy, and fast.

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Community Websites

City of Scottsdale,  Visit Website

Town of Carefree, Visit Website

Town of Cave Creek, Visit Website

Cave Creek Museum, Visit Website

Desert Foothills Library, Visit Website

Desert Foothills Theater, Visit Website