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A Peek at the Peak is a community magazine with content for residents, visitors, and readers of all ages. It is published as a complimentary community service by the Greater Pinnacle Peak Association (GPPA) and is supported by our members, advertisers and donors.  We encourage you to enter well-written comments about articles (posts) and other comments that  enhance the experience of other readers and help us to improve. However, please understand that there are some instances where comments will be edited or deleted, as follows.

1. Spam or questionable spam. For example, comments that are off-topic for the post to which they are attached, comments that are left anonymously, or by using a fake name and email address. You can include a link to relevant content, but comments should be relevant.

2. Comments that include profanity or are obscene.

3. Comments that contain language or concepts that can be deemed offensive.

4. Comments that attack a group of people or a person individually. For example, comments that contain racial slurs, name-calling, hate language, might be considered slanderous, are in poor taste, rude, etc.

5. Comments that contain plagiarized material.

6. Comments that contain private information, which we do not want to make public.

7. Comments supporting political candidates or parties. GPPA is a 501 C(3) nonprofit charity and is prohibited from providing such support.

8. Barrages of similar comments for the same article.

9. Comments that are really not about the content of the article but rather are designed to promote the objectives of an organization or individual.


We reserve the right to not publish, edit or delete any comments submitted to The Peak without notice. This comment policy is subject to change anytime.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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