Blanch, The Rodeo Queen

By J. Douglas Hinds


two cowboys on horses at sunsetJack and I were buddies

‘Bout as close as friends can be

I hardly spoke to him

He rarely spoke to me


We was ridin’ herd together

On the old Conejos Spread

And though we rode in silence

There was plenty being said


I guess you’d call it instinct

When there’s something needin’ done

Like the job of cuttin’ cattle

When a man and horse are one


We worked that well together

Till we met this gal named Blanch

I sensed how Jack was feelin’

When I asked her out to dance


Next morning at the bunkhouse

‘Fore we saddled up to ride

I could tell that he was bothered

And I sposed our friendship died


So on we rode in silence

Not a word was being said

But I felt how he was thinkin’

Probably wishin’ I was dead


I can’t say as how it happened

But his words just tumbled out

They cut right through the silence

And cleared up all the doubt


John, he said, I’m worried

And I hate to see you hurt

We’ve rode too long together

Not to know this friendship works


If you think my heart was pinin’

For a “has been” rodeo queen

Would you buy my ranch in Texas

That no one’s ever seen?


Well, Jack, I sure misjudged you

I’m glad we had this chat

So on we rode in silence

And that’s the end of that.

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Author: John Hinds

John Douglas Hinds, who was raised on a ranch, is the retired senior partner with J.D. Hinds Professional Painting LLC. As a licensed residential and commercial painting contractor, he has painted “thousands of homes and businesses” in the Valley over the past 33 years. Hinds is a resident of Cave Creek and a frequent contributor to The Peak.

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