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full_moon“It was a moonlit evening in 1963. My husband and I and another couple were making the lonely, quiet drive home through the tall saguaros and thickets of jumping Cholla. We spoke of our fear that the roadside would become lined with neon-lit gas stations and motels like Apache Boulevard in Mesa where we had been earlier in the day. Creating the Scenic Drive was our way of preserving the desert. Other founders included Fred Griffin, Les Rhuart and Vince Thelander.”  Corkie Cockburn, Drive Founder and long-time Cave Creek resident

The tradition of the Scenic Drive is as interesting as the scenery and surroundings.

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Heritage Timeline

This is a quick review of the actions people have taken since 1963 (and thousands of hours of donated time) to create, maintain, and enhance the Desert Foothills Scenic Drive.

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Who maintains the plant signs? Who owns the land along adjacent to the Desert Foothills Scenic Drive? Find the answers to these and other questions about the Scenic Drive in our FAQs.

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